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At CodeMarshal Systems, cutting-edge technology meets human potential. We specialize in using face identification, OCR, process digitization, and data analytics to co-invent future for our clients.

CodeMarshal: The Game-changer

CodeMarshal believes in a world where identifying a person is hassle-free and natural. Our game-changing facial recognition technology provides a seamless, efficient and multi-faceted way to solve different identity verification and recognition problems.

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Our Products

Explore our cutting-edge products designed to elevate your business operations, from advanced AI solutions to seamless automation tools.


Field Force Attendance

Attendance with face recognition - secure and accurate staff verification, preventing identity fraud and ensuring integrity of remote attendance system.


Marshal KYC Solution

Meticulously crafted for financial institutions, ensuring full compliance. It offers identity verification, NID extraction, and end-to-end regulatory compliance.


Smart Document Digitization

Unlock the power of your documents. Extract data from scanned documents using OCR and transform it into valuable, actionable insights.


Face Forensic Workstation

Elevate security with CCTV footage and digital images powered by face recognition. Shift from reactive to proactive measures with our forensic solution.


FaceID Onboarding Solution

Simplify authentication for your digital platform. Seamlessly validate unique users and provide secure login access using advanced facial recognition.


Enterprise Automation Suite

Revolutionize your operations with our comprehensive enterprise automation solution, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency across the board.

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Marshal KYC Onboarding

Streamline customer onboarding for financial institutions. Features include identity verification, remote KYC, and omni-channel experience.

Access and Attendance

Fast, touchless access control and attendance management with top-tier face recognition technology for apartments, offices, and factories.

Security and Surveillance

Trusted surveillance & forensic solutions for law enforcement and corporate security in Bangladesh. Real-time, reliable protection.

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